FPID_OPTIMIZE_SIM Simulate a fractional PID based control system using Simulink.


function [y, u, t, r] = fpid_optimize_sim(frpid, ltimodel, sopt)


FPID_OPTIMIZE_SIM Simulate a fractional PID based control system using Simulink.



          FRPID    - fractional-order PID controller parameters such that
                     FRPID = [Kp; Ki; lambda; Kd; mu],
          LTIMODEL - model of the controlled plant,
          SOPT   - an options data structure FPID_SIMOPT, containing the following
                     SOPT.modelname - model name (e.g. 'fpid_optimize_model.mdl'),
                     SOPT.tmax      - final time value for simulation [s],
                     SOPT.dtmin     - minimum time step [s],
                     SOPT.dtmax     - maximum time step [s],
                     SOPT.ulim      - control law saturation values in form
                                      [UMIN; UMAX], if empty, the control
                                      signal is unconstrained
                     SOPT.r         - reference value (or set value) for
                     SOPT.w         - Oustaloup approximation frequency
                                      range [rad/s],
                     SOPT.N         - Oustaloup filter approximation order,
                     SOPT.type      - Oustaloup filter approximation type
                                      ('oust' or 'ref'),
                     SOPT.cancelzero- Whether to apply zero cancellation
                                      of the resulting controller to
                                      ensure that it is proper (0 or 1).

   Outputs:          Y - system output,
                     U - control signal value,
                     T - time vector (generally non-regular due to
                                      variable-size ODE solver employed).

   In order to convert the results to those with a fixed time step (the
   ODE solver will attempt to find the minimum time step, whereas the user
   can set the maximum time step), one can use the provided function
   sim_regularize(). See help for that function for corresponding syntax.

 A typical negative unity feedback system is assumed for simulation

         _           ---------------  Satu-   ---------------
  R    /   \         |             |  ration  |             |    Y
----->|     | -----> |    GC(s)    |--------->|     G(s)    |----o---->
    +  \   /         |             |  [UMIN;  |             |    |
         ^           ---------------   UMAX]  ---------------    | 
       - |                                                       |

 NB! the original model 'fpid_optimize_model.mdl' is required for this
 function to work. If you wish to use this model in a different situation,
 please make a copy of it with a different file name rather than editing
 the existing model.

 See also: fpid_optimize, sopt, sim_regularize


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