FPID_RECS Approximate BIBO stability rectangle for FOPID control system


function [p1_lims,p2_lims] = fpid_recs(p1,p2,dp,init,cl_poly_fun,op)


FPID_RECS Approximate BIBO stability rectangle for FOPID control system


   where   P1_LIMS, P2_LIMS - stability limits of first and second coord.
           P1, P2 - string with first and second coordinates to sweep,
                    may be one of 'Kp', 'Ki', 'Kd', 'lambda', or 'mu',
                     NB! All parameter names are case-sensitive!
           DP     - sweeping step, either scalar or
                    vector of form [DP1; DP2],
           INIT   - structure with initial coordinate of the form
                    INIT.Kp = ..., INIT.Ki = ..., etc.,
                     NB! Parameter names are defined exactly as above.
           CL_POLY_FUN - a function handle which must accept five
                         arguments in the form (Kp,Ki,Kd,lambda,mu) and
                         return a fotf object having the closed-loop pole
                         polynomial corresponding to the control system
                         with the FPID controller
           OP          - Structure with additional options (optional):
                         OP.maxPoints = N, where N is the points to check
                                           from the center point in every
                                           direction (i.e. from initial
                                           coordinates), default: 100,
                         OP.displayPlot = 0 or 1 - draw the approximate 
                                                   stability region.
                         OP.progress    = 0 or 1 - display progress of
                         OP.drawUnstable= 0 or 1 - draw unstable points on
                                                   the stability plane
                                                   (this only works if
                                                   displayPlot is

            The algorithm uses Matignon's stability theorem to determine
            BIBO stability of closed-loop commensurate-order systems with
            parallel form FOPID controllers in the loop.

            If systems are not commensurate-order, the stability test
            my produce unreliable results.

 See also: fotf/isstable, fpid_recs_ini


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